Sales Lead

How Grows Your Business:

You accumulate your prospects’ personal data for further interactions via registration, subscription and contact forms integrated in your landing pages.
Even more importantly, people share their contacts voluntarily They are ready for your emails or calls, so you’ll never need to spam or cold call again.
You attract targeted traffic to you website from different online channels. By “targeted traffic” we mean visitors who are likely to be interested in your products.
You generate demand for your offers and attract customers by providing high quality content and properly promoting it.

All the features you need

Your complete Lead Generation solution

  • Initial consultation

    We discuss your business and commercial objectives to develop a sales lead generation strategy that is suitable for your company.

  • Deep target audience analysis

    We study your target audience, its needs and interests to find the right sales lead generation concept and work out the advertizing strategy.

  • Qualifying criteria for the leads

    You specify the criteria for the leads you need and we consider them while developing instruments and motivation for the sales lead.

  • Full competition analysis

    We find out how your competitors are engaging their prospects and what should be done to leave them behind.

  • Content creation

    We decide what textual and visual content should be published on your landing page(s) and prepare the content for publishing.

  • Landing page(s) design

    We consider your corporate identity to select proper style and color schemes. Then we offer several design solutions for you to choose from.

  • Landing page(s) design approval

    You choose one design variant; we discuss details and make corrections according to your preferences until the final version is worked out.

  • Landing page(s) development

    We buy a domain, choose a server, install a CMS, make the layout, perform testing, do content filling, provide on-page SEO and social media optimization.

  • Joint landing page(s) testing

    We launch the page on a test domain and involve you in the testing process. After all necessary improvements the page is launched on its permanent domain.

  • Landing page(s) promotion

    We proceed with advertizing strategy, create textual and visual ads for the selected keywords, start PPC and other online campaigns.

  • Detailed reports and leads lists

    To keep you informed of our lead generation services, we deliver lists of leads, in-depth monthly reports and weekly stats on the money spent, traffic, etc.

  • Constant customer support

    We don’t give up with your problems and questions. We are always ready to help you with a piece of advice or technical support.

Working Process

1 You submit a request for lead generation services, and we contact you to discuss details.
2 We work out a lead generation strategy after analyzing your business and audience.
3 You specify qualifying criteria for the leads.
4 We make an offer and send it for your approval.
8 You get quality leads for your sales team and watch your revenues grow.
7 We prepare and start advertizing campaigns.
6 We develop and launch the landing page(s).
5 We make up and approve landing page(s) design.
9 We deliver weekly progress stats and detailed monthly reports.
10 We provide constant customer support.

Some common questions our customers ask

  • How exactly do you collect leads?

    All sales lead generation programs depend on the projects they are applied to. We'll develop an individual strategy especially for you.

  • Do you guarantee full confidentiality of the information we provide?

    Absolutely. All the information is strictly confidential and is meant only for internal use by our specialists involved in your campaign.

  • How do I know if this service is right for me?

    Normally sales lead strategies are used for premium products or the B2B sector, however there are also many opportunities for small business and retail trade. Please get a free individual consultation to find out if sales lead suits your business.

  • What's the price of this service?

    The price depends on many factors, so we don't indicate any fixed amounts here. Please get a free individual consultation to find out what variant suits you better.